Our Facility

With a facility and processes that have been certified under the rigorous requirements of ISO9001:2015, you can rest assured that Precision Bending Technology is able to handle any of your needs, no mater how large or small, in our Ohio facility.

Our state-of-the-art Aicon Photogrammetric inspection system is a computer-aided inspection technology, ensuring that each and every piece is to specification.


PBT has materials for every need and every engineering spec possible. This includes thousands of materials, tubes that go all the way up to 16 inches wide and ½ inch walls, and every possible material including steel, aluminum-coated steel, stainless steel, plated and non-plated steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium.


With all of these materials in-house, and our extensive bending capabilities (more than 350 bending tools) what’s possible is limited only by your imagination.


Because Tube Bending requires extensive set up of various machines, batching of repeating parts can greatly reduce cost while providing maximum delivery flexibility. Any customer with repeating items can benefit from VMI. Many of our current customers enjoy large cost savings and insulation from fluctuations in materials pricing.


Our parts supply to our customers is sustainable through contingency planning.