The Precision Bending Difference

What Makes Stam Different?  One or two things…

Unparalleled Customer Service
While classified a manufacturing organization, our core business is customer service. And in order to bring the high level of customer service and satisfaction that Stam consistently delivers, flexibility is a key component in everything we do. On time delivery, near flawless materials, and our team of professionals who work tirelessly to meet customers’ needs makes Stam the go-to provider for the world’s leading brands. Our customer service representatives serve as the customer’s representative, not only in the office, but on the factory floor.

Manufacturing Flexibility
Stam has materials for every need and every engineering spec possible. This includes thousands of materials, tubes that go all the way up to 16 inches wide and ½ inch walls, and every possible material including steel, aluminum-coated steel, stainless steel, plated and non-plated steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium. With all of these materials in-house, along with more than 350 bending tools, what’s possible is limited only by your imagination.

Engineering Prowess
Stam’s in-house engineering department is eager to work with customers to help ensure that needs are met. If an aggressive timeline is most critical, requiring a different set of materials, we develop a custom solution to meet the customer’s needs. Our team of engineers makes sure we know the environment each and every Stam tube will be placed in to help ensure that the specifications meet the field demands for the customer’s application. It’s not uncommon for customers to visit Stam or for Stam Engineers to travel to our customers for design consultations. We listen, offer suggestions to improve quality, delivery, or price – or all three – and work with the customer to create a custom solution. We have a variety of ways to collaborate with your team from online “GoTo Meeting” to online chats, and site visits.

Unmatched Inventory
Our extensive inventory of materials goes beyond the over one-thousand materials in house. Stam will also batch produce and store the customer’s finished products on our shelves for just in time delivery, eliminating the cost of a new setup charge. And we’re never too busy to turn down short run orders – if our customers need 10 items, we deliver that too.

Incomparable Value
While Stam always remains extremely price competitive, value is much more than a good price. It’s receiving near flawless products to specification, in the time promised. It’s going the extra mile to make sure that when a customer is in a bind, we do everything in our power to help meet aggressive deadlines. Value is a function of price, service and quality. We strive to maintain high marks in all three.

Certified under the rigorous requirements of ISO9001:2015, Stam’s quality is second to none. For most companies, ISO certification would be enough, but Stam has made even more significant efforts than most with a state-of-the-art Aicon Photogrammetric inspection system, a computer-aided inspection technology. Stam can even deliver a level of quality that few need, with a finish so smooth microbes can’t invade or live in scratches or weld joints. These quality tubes are a must for food and cosmetics production.