Boost To Navy Shipbuilding In The U.S.

Congress is about to vote on an important spending bill that would not only finance the creation of 14 new ships- it would also grant the U.S. Navy over $3 billion more than originally requested.


A recently released draft of the omnibus spending bill revealed that the Navy shipbuilding account was in line to receive $23.8 billion, which is $2.6 billion more than it received in 2017.


The budget will purchase, in addition to other things, a new LX(R) amphibious ship, an aircraft carrier, two destroyers, two submarines, three littoral combat ships, an oceanographic survey ship and a salvage ship.


The spending bill also finances close to $862 million in advanced purchases for the ballistic missile submarine program.


The aviation sector also received a financial boost. The new budget will be able to acquire 10 more F/A-18 Super Hornets than originally asked for, meaning that this budget will give the Navy access to 24 jets if it is enacted in this form.


Congress will also be providing the Navy with an extra three P-8A Poseidon sub hunters, bringing the total to 10.


The bill will have to pass quickly through the House and the Senate to avert an imminent government shutdown. If Congress votes in support of the bill, production on the various craft will be scheduled accordingly.


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