Military Tubing for UAVs

These days it seems everyone from Amazon to Hollywood wants to use an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV. While we’re still waiting to see what the commercial applications and FFA rules will be, the military has been using UAVs for surveillance and special operations for years.  UAVs can play a vital role in military operations as they allow for missions that may be considered too dangerous for a manned aircraft.

At Stam, we have extensive experience bending tubes for the military, including a variety of tubular products that can be incorporated into aerial surveillance UAVs as well as other aircraft applications, including heat exchangers, ductwork, dipstick tube and air intake tubes.

We also offer an in-house engineering team that will be able work with each of our customers to ensure that we develop a solution that meets their needs. Our experienced team is well-versed in military applications and can consult on the design, offer suggestions for improvement, and collaborate with the client to deliver a quality product.

To view examples of our work and to learn more about our tube bending services for the military, visit our website. Clients can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on all of Stam’s latest news.

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