How The US Army Name Military Planes

At STAM Inc., we provide Custom Tube Bending services for military vehicles, military aircraft, and surveillance UAVs. We create custom bend tubes and pipes for various applications on military vehicles including heat exchangers, ductwork, dipstick tubes, air intakes, differential coolers and Radar Support structures.

While we are proud of our relationships and work with Military vehicles, and in awe of the great machines and bravery of their crew, we have also often wondered how military aircrafts are given their names.

Flanker, Backfire, Bear and Badger are some of the names we’ve heard for enemy aircraft and it turns out it is connected to a naming convention invented in World War II.

Army Air Force Captain Frank McCoy realized that pilots could sometimes become confused about enemy fighter planes.

He came up with the solution of giving planes nicknames to overcome the problem. Bombers were given female names, fighter planes were given male names, and transport planes were all named with the names that began with the letter T.  Gliders were given bird names, while training aircraft were named after trees.

During the Cold War, the idea continued, but the system was adjusted slightly. Code names for Bombers now started with the letter B, while names for fighters started with F.

Interestingly plane code names were given one syllable, while jets were given names with multiple syllables.

The naming system was so successful that even NATO started using code names for communist ships, and what began as an idea in World War II still exists and helps military pilots today.


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