What Is Custom Tube Bending?

Custom Tube Bending is an important manufacturing function that supports leading companies in multiple industries.

Just a few examples of industries and applications where Custom Tube Bending is utilized include manufacturers working in businesses such as food processing, aerospace, marine, construction and specialty vehicles.

Specific examples could include stainless steel sanitary pipes with custom bends for the food industry, or retro fit exhaust pipes with custom bend tube coupling systems to reduce Tier 4 emissions in the construction industry.

Custom Tube Bending Materials

Custom Tube Bending is typically carried out by specialist companies, like STAM Inc., where our team of experienced engineering and manufacturing experts are adept at handling all tubing materials and delving custom designs.

As specialist Custom Tube Bending providers we work with a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, brass and titanium, and we can work with tubing of all sizes – from those used in large structures and applications to smaller scale items.

The ability to shape and mold these materials to exacting measurements and requirements with Custom Tube Bending is highly valuable and enables design, efficiency and safety progress in everything from machinery, HVAC, food production and conveyance.

Custom tube designs

Custom tube bending requires a team capable of understanding your vision and working with complex CNC tube bending machines that can provide exceptional accuracy, precision tube bending techniques to ensure leak-proof installation, or rotary draw bending where aesthetics are important.

We hold an inventory of over one thousand materials in-house, meaning we can cater to almost any design specification.

About STAM Inc.

STAM Inc. has been a premier provider of custom tube bending solutions for over 40 years and have consistently partnered with world-leading brands.

Our clients trust us to deliver the highest quality custom components that they are happy to put their name to and provide to their consumers.

STAM’s in-house engineering department can collaborate with customers to ensure projects run smoothly. For more information on custom tube bending or how we can help you, get in touch with our experienced team.

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