Celebrating Manufacturing on Manufacturing Day Oct 7th

Getting to know what the manufacturing industry is all about is tough these days. Although manufacturing is talked about by our nation’s leaders, most people don’t have a direct connection to the industry. Generations ago almost every family had someone working in a factory. But as manufacturing jobs were lost, so was the link most communities had to the industry.

Five years ago with the introduction of Manufacturing Day (MFG Day), industry sponsors such as the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), FMA, and the Manufacturing Institute took steps to “celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers.” This nationwide event takes place on the first Friday in October (Oct. 7 this year) with companies and communities organizing plant tours, job fairs, educational fairs, and community events and expos.

As a long-standing member of NAM, we are excited for this year’s events. Manufacturing Day highlights the importance of the industry on our regional and national economies and the valuable career options available. MFG Day events allow the industry to open its doors and let the community look inside to dispel common myths about working in manufacturing. Today’s industry is not the industry of our grandfathers. There isn’t any more grime or back-breaking labor. Today’s manufacturing plants contain state-of-the-art computer controlled machinery and equipment. And, jobs in this field are now technology oriented and vary widely from one operation to the next.

So far there are already 1,271 planned events for this year’s MFG Day. Manufacturing is a vital industry that continues to support local communities and our national economy. Did you know that in 2015, manufacturers contributed $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy? That interesting fact and other facts about manufacturing can be found here.

Support Manufacturing Day this October 7th to keep the industry growing.

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