Don’t Get Overheated this Summer

The unpredictable weather continues in most parts of the U.S. but there is one prediction we are sure will come true—it will get hot this summer. When it does, make sure your HVAC system can handle the heat.

In commercial applications, HVAC engineers are faced with many challenges. In large facilities the HVAC systems require tubing or pipe to carry the chilled water or compressible gases to cool the air. The large amount of tubing is often problematic for many reasons. ‘Inerting,’ a costly issue, weld prep operations, and the large number of welds required with installation can lead to leaks and an inefficient system. Many engineers also feel constrained by designing around 90- or 45-deg elbows.  

We see many installations that are ineffective because of leaks occurring at the many weld sites. With custom tubing solutions from STAM, these HVAC problems can be solved. Since we make tubes as specified they are customized for every the application. We can bend tubing to meet a wide range of specifications and engineering designs. All of our assemblies can be cleaned, have ports added, and ends grooved. We perform hydrostatic testing of up to 3,500 PSI.

Custom tubing is the best solution for commercial HVAC systems. Let us help you build an efficient and effective solution to beat the heat this summer.

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