Stam INC Recognizes Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is here! Every year, the first Friday of October is the day that members of the manufacturing segment across the nation get together to open their doors and allow the public to see what goes on in modern manufacturing. There are a variety of events that are going on at plants, schools, or community centers around the country, including:

  • Educational Fairs – One of the most popular events, this helps manufacturers get in touch with students long before they have made their career choice. It lets us demonstrate to these students the opportunities that a future in the manufacturing sector can present to them. Coordinating with grade schools and colleges, we can bring hands-on activities and presentations that highlight the benefits of a career.
  • Plant Tours – By opening their doors to the public plant tours give manufacturers the opportunity to show off their facilities. This can allow folks who have interest in manufacturing, or who have a preconceived notion of what manufacturing is like, a chance to see everything in
    Manufacturing Expos – A very popular event, as it allows a number of manufacturers to collaborate and pool their resources. Expos allow for displays, interaction, and exposure for companies, and lets them work with each other as well as potential customers and employees.
  • Job Fairs – Often combined with the previous events, job fairs will take place at major manufacturing facilities, or even at a community meeting area if a number of companies are getting together. Job fairs bring the businesses face to face with active job seekers who are interested in what manufacturing careers have to offer.
  • Celebrations – Local business organizations like Chambers of Commerce, banks, and other economic development groups will put together luncheons, dinner events, and happy hours to celebrate the contributions of manufacturing to the local communities.

At STAM, we are proud to be part of the resurgent manufacturing sector, and we are glad that days like Manufacturing Day allow us to show just how manufacturing contributes to the strength of our economy. We hope you’ll find events near you to attend, and maybe you’ll find that manufacturing appeals to you for a career for the future.

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