Tier 4 Emissions Tubes

Tier 4 Tube


The EPA first published emission standards for diesel engines in 1994, known as Tier 1. As the EPA continues to work towards reducing particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines, which include on road diesel vehicles, construction equipment, farm tractors, and other agricultural equipment, it has issued new standards for these engines known as Tier 4 emission standards. To meet Tier 4 emissions manufacturers must produce engines with advanced emission control technologies that will help to decrease exhaust emission by more than 90%.

For diesel powered equipment manufacturers that means building equipment with cleaner tubes that are required by the high tech engines. At Stam, we have developed a cleaning process and certification program to ensure that our tubes meet with Tier 4 standards.  The new requirements call for new tube coupling systems, low leakage vibration isolation flexible hose, and high levels of cleanliness. We clean all Tier 4 tubes that we produce, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and heat seal them in a bag to protect cleanliness. The bags are labeled with certification so that customers know they are receiving a perfectly clean tube that complies with Tier 4 standards.

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