The US Benefits from a Shale Boom

You may have been reading a lot recently about the rise in energy production in the US, mostly due to hydraulic fracturing. America is currently the world’s biggest oil producer and this is translating into an increase of in work and profits for US refineries. As the gas boom continues it is imperative for hydraulic fracturing units and refinery equipment to be able to handle the load.

At Stam we have extensive experience working in the oil and gas industry and our tube bending services can help oil companies reduce costs. Traditionally, oil and gas equipment is put together in pieces and joined together with welding elbows to form the assembly which is not only labor intensive but can also be costly. At Stam we are able to bend the tube in one continuous unit which only requires weld joints at the end. This can improve product integrity as well as reduce cost and installation time of the equipment.

To learn more about our tube bending services or to see examples of our work, visit our website. We are also active on Twitter and LinkedIn posting oil industry news as well as Stam company updates.

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