Trust Stam Inc with Your Custom Tubing and Insulation for Tier 4 Engines

Since 1970 the EPA has been setting standards for environmental regulations. The goal of the agency over the past 45 years is to continually work for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. A cleaner environment starts with cleaner air.

In 1998, the agency passed Tier 1 emissions standards for off-road diesel engines to reduce particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions. The work continued and in 2001 new Tier 4 standards for diesel engines were introduced. They are the strictest yet requiring manufacturers to produce engines that will decrease exhaust emissions by more than 90%.

Off-road diesel engines that must comply with the new rules are used throughout construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment. Advanced emission control technologies have been developed to reduce emissions. Since all engines require tubing to convey gases, air, and fluids, tubing is a major component inefficient engine operation. In emission controlled engines, the tubing must keep the gas at a cert
ain temperature.

These high-tech engines require tubing that is insulated to keep the gas hot. Other tubing manufacturers make the tubes and send it out to be insulated. This extra step introduces additional time, costs, and another outside company. At STAM INC. You can have the tubes custom made and insulated at the same time within our facility. We have the capabilities to apply the insulation in-house ensuring better control over the process and a faster turnaround time.

We are experts at delivering tubing that meets Tier 4 requirements. All the tubes we produce, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, are manufactured, cleaned, and insulated to comply with Tier 4 standards. To learn more about vertically integrated custom tubing and insulation for off-road diesel engines, contact us today!

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