With more than 350 bending tools in our factory, our tube bending capabilities are endless. If you have a tough specification, our engineering team will work with you to find the best solutions. Our capabilities include:

CNC Tube Bending

Bending of Large, Multi-bend Part
Bending of Large, Multi-bend Part

CNC Tube Bending adds a new level of speed and precision to Rotary Draw Bending. The impact of CNC Bending increases as the complexity of the tubular part increases. 

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Precision Tube Bending

Lightweight Radar Structures

We have in-house precision tube bending capability to create fixtures, tools and gauges that produce and check the critical attributes of your part. 

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Rotary Draw Bending

Flexible Assemblies
Flexible Assemblies

Our primary manufacturing technology, rotary draw bending, employs mandrels and various dies to manage and control metal flow during the bending process. 

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CNC Tube and Plate Cutting

CNC Cutting

CNC machines make use of computer systems and software programs to automate machinery and execute complex and advanced operations.

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Fabricated Tube Assemblies

Fabricated Tube Assemblies
Stainless Steel Assemblies

We integrate components such as stampings, machined parts and castings, supporting this specialty with a variety of operations.

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