Fabricated Tube Assemblies

Precision Bending Tecnology is a specialty producer of fabricated tube assemblies.

We integrate components such as stampings, machined parts and castings, supporting this specialty with a variety of operations. Many tubes are more complex than just a simple bent part. Adapters may be welded in place, intersecting smaller tubes inserted into the sides of the main tube, threaded ports, or heat shields may be called for. PBT is fully equipped to produce these adapters or fittings, weld or braze them in place, and pressure test the entire assembly.


Stainless Steel Assemblies


Aircraft Heat Exchangers

Tubular Fabrication

PBT offers tubular fabrication services, using a wide variety of tube materials and shapes, including square, rectangular and oval tube as well as many extruded shapes.


Stainless Steel/Powder Coated Brushguard


Aluminum Air Handling Assembly