Precision Tube Bending

Specialized applications require precision tube bending to ensure a leak proof installation. Threaded ends and brackets must be located accurately if the mating part is to be successfully coupled to the tube. The ends of the tube must be free of distortion from bending and be accurately sized in order to fit-up and seal correctly. Precision Bending Technology has the in-house precision tube bending capability to create fixtures, tools and gauges that produce and check the critical attributes of your part. This insures that the tubular part will fit and perform as designed.


Lightweight Radar Structures


Bent, Crimped and Brazed Fluid Line

In addition to “hard” tools, Precision Bending Technology employs Photogrametric Technology to collect data from samples and production runs to develop predictive models which can yield insights into reasonable tolerances for any given size and type of material. Data AICON can also be transmitted to the CNC tube bending equipment to reverse engineer a sample part or fine-tune the bending program.


Precision Assemblies


Automotive Exhaust Outlets