Rotary Draw Bending

Our primary manufacturing technology, rotary draw bending, employs mandrels and various dies to manage and control metal flow during the bending process. Rotary draw bending is a process in which a precision mandrel is positioned inside the tube, while a pressure die, wiper die, bend die, and clamp dies surround the outside of the tube.

This provides a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance while maintaining the full diameter of the tube throughout the bend area. This method finds application in fluid handling lines, products in which bend cosmetics are important and applications where extremely “tight” bend radii or small dimensional tolerances are desired. These attributes are unique to this type of bending and are not possible with less controlled processes such as Compression Bending.


Examples of Rotary Draw Bent Parts


Flexible Assemblies

Rotary draw bending is not limited to tube and pipe. It can also be employed to bend extruded shapes, square and rectangular tube and pipe, and channel. Precision Bending Technology has a wide selection of tooling, and with our in-house CNC machining capabilities, we can produce special tooling quickly to meet your specific needs.


1.5 x 2.5 Rectangular Steel Structure


Welded Tubular Fluid Outlet