Delivering the Odd Sized Bend

At Stam, we pride ourselves in both our unmatched bending capabilities, but also the flexibility (pun intended) we have in being able to deliver high-quality tubing to a variety of industries.

Recently a large global engine manufacturer was conducting a wide search for a company to handle a quantity of elbows designed to be 2 ¾” diameter tube bent on a 2 ¾” centerline bend radius. This is a pretty unique size and the company was having difficulty locating a supplier to fulfill their needs.

Thankfully for both of us, the company – now a customer – found Stam online and was taken by our very large range of bending dies. It is our extensive capabilities that allowed us to bend the elbows and form the ends to their exact specifications.

As we were producing the parts, as is our standard practice, we developed dedicated tools and techniques to reduce cost. The customer was delighted when we reduced the price by 18% on their second order. It is satisfying work when we can find ways to reduce cost and please our customers!


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