Aicon Brings Quality Control to a New Level

You can find more than a handful of vendors to places to provide bent tubes – but when it comes to receiving bent tubes to exact specification, there’s only Stam. That’s because while we have great processes in place, unparalleled experience, and unmatched expertise – you don’t need more than two hands to count how many manufacturers – of any kind – who have invested in this quality inspection device. Equipped with 16 cameras, the Aicon measures tubes within +/1 .1mm.

Five years ago Stam employed the  Aicon on the floor, one of the first of its type to be installed in a Job Shop environment and the first in the large diameter tube bending industry. Where else can you find the Aicon? Organizations known for their quality including BMW and Mercedes.

3dviewA great feature of this quality control device is that it can recognize potential distortions caused by clamps on benders that grip the tube, causing distortions in the tube that can lead to incorrect readings of the part. The Aicon recognizes the error and corrects for it (you can actually see the image being corrected on the screen).  The Aicon also allows us to reverse engineer from sample tubes or even a stiff wire bent by hand to represent  the path a tube should follow. We can extract coordinates the wire is following and bend a tube to match (the wire represents the centerline of the tube). Because the Aicon is so fast, about 15 seconds, we use it to check the tubes we are bending in process. Aicon opens their video in fact with “What you are watching is a time machine” – stressing the speed. The Aicon provides a written report which becomes part of the permanent record that is retained long after the part is shipped to the customer. Our implementation of the Aicon has allowed Stam to achieve one of the lowest failure rates (PPM – parts per million) in the tube bending industry and far below our customers maximum allowable failure rates.


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