Be Ready to Meet Industrial Tubing and Piping Needs in 2016 with Custom Tubing Solutions from Stam, Inc.!

Please pardon the pun, but 2016 is just around the bend! Looking back at the past 12 months, 2015 has been another great year for us at Stam, Inc., and we’re looking forward to even more success in the year ahead. As providers of custom tube solutions and precision tube bending for all types of industries, we are optimistic about what 2016 has in store for everyone in manufacturing. We look forward to continuing to work with current customers from the oil and gas, HVAC, military and sanitary & food equipment, construction, and other industries. Plus, we hope to add new customers in the coming months, as we automate and take advantage of emerging trends and technology.

Automation is a hot topic among manufacturers in all industries right now. In fact, a recent report from Industry Week says, “…many companies are leveraging interconnectivity to improve their own factory productivity, the factory-floor blocking and tackling of reducing downtime, cutting costs, reducing cycle time, improving OEE, etc.” We’re proud to say that we are among these companies that are embracing automation, and we will be increasing our factory automation efforts at Stam in 2016. More automation will enable us to serve our current customers, as well as new customers, more quickly and efficiently, with greater savings for everyone.

In addition to ramping up our automation efforts at Stam, we also expect our custom tubing solutions and tube bending capabilities to be in high demand in 2016 –especially in the sanitary and food equipment industries. News reports cite “safety improvement” as a key trend for the waste management industry, and the same goes for the food processing and food equipment industries. Stam manufactures custom tubing that meets the needs of these industries, where special tooling and techniques are employed to deliver piping and tubing that has an interior surface that meets safety requirements and customers’ specifications.

Overall, we believe 2016 will be very promising! Whatever the year may bring, we’re ready to meet any industrial tubing and piping challenges that may arise with custom tubing solutions featuring nearly limitless material, size and angle options. Work with Stam for your custom tubing and piping needs, and you’ll be ready, too! Learn more about our capabilities by visiting our website. Or call us at 440-974-2500. Have a Happy New Year… and we hope to hear from you soon!

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