Demand for Commercial Refrigeration

According to a recent report from ACHR’s The News the global demand for commercial refrigeration equipment is set to increase 4.7% annually through 2018. The US in particular has a strong demand as many consumers are now looking for specialty foods which will increase the number of items which need to be stored on refrigerated shelves.

As designers work to meet the demand for more refrigeration, Stam is here to help. Many designers are used to buying pieces and parts for the equipment and then having them welded in the field. At Stam we can help design engineers reduce the cost of this process by having the parts ready to assembly. We are also able to create non-standard bends which allows designers to more freedom from the standard 45 or 90 degree bend. Additionally our tube bending process helps to eliminate joints in the weld which helps to decrease the risk of potential leak sites.

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