Final Tier 4 Standards

Catalyst-Pipes-2 We have already discussed the EPA’s new emission standards, which dictate that manufacturers must product engines that help  control exhaust emissions. We are now in the final stage of the requirement, Tier 4 Final Standards, which mandates that all  diesel engines that are put into service from 2015 and beyond must adhere to the EPA’s requirements.  Engines must now run  clean and tubes will need to be insulated to work properly. Tier 4 Final affects a variety of industries as diesel engines are used  in trucking, agriculture, road equipment, and more.

In 1970s manufacturers put catalytic converters in cars, which reduce unburned hydrocarbons through a catalytic reaction to water and CO2. In order for this process to work the exhaust gases must be kept at high temperature to enable the catalytic reaction.

To help engine manufacturers meet Tier 4 Final standards, Stam now offers insulated Tier 4 Final tubes. The insulation helps ensure that the exhaust is kept hot as it moves through the tractor tubes. As before, all of our Tier 4 tubes are cleaned to meet the engine manufacturer’s requirements and are packaged in a heat sealed bag to ensure our customers receive a perfectly clean tube.

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