Food Manufacturers Optimistic about the Future

So far its good news for food manufacturers in 2015, with a recent survey that shows food production professionals are optimistic about the future. Many of the respondents noted greater confidence and certainty about the future leading to a more optimistic 2015 and companies not only plan to increase staffing but will also increase capital budgets.

There is also a greater emphasis on training employees in proper sanitation and food safety practices. There will also be more emphasis on sanitation control, including pest control programs and the use of equipment with effective sanitary designs.

At Stam, we specialize in manufacturing tubing for sanitary and food applications and can help companies that plan to expand their equipment that will ensure the quality and sanitation of their food. Our tubes are polished on the inside and are free of any voids or scratches which eliminate places for microbes to hide. We also employ tube bending techniques that helps reduce the weld joints which further reduces places for microbes to become attached to in the tube.

To learn more about our tube bending services for the food industry, visit our website. We also actively post food industry news on our social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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