Improving Food Safety During Processing

Salmonella and Listeria have been in the news lately as more and more food products are recalled. Recently in Toronto, a bakery had to recall all of their meats due to Listeria contamination. In Utah and Idaho, a recall was put in place for precooked bacon, also due to concerns over Listeria. Salmonella has also recently been linked to chicken salad in Washington, with several people getting ill. Many of these outbreaks of contamination could be stopped with proper food processing precautions.

Food SafetyFood processing requires equipment to carry the product from the initial stages of processing, all the way through packaging. What matters most during the process is having a smooth machinery surface which is easy to clean. This is important because the surface finish of machinery can greatly impact cleanliness. Smooth machinery offers fewer places for bacteria to hide and grow, therefore reducing potential safety issues.

Tubing on food processing equipment should be smooth and have as few welds as possible. This allows for easy cleaning with fewer places where biofilm can occur. Stam, Inc. offers food equipment tubing which is easy to clean and free of voids and scratches on the inside. This limits the accumulation of microbes that could potentially survive the cleaning process. Stam uses special techniques and tooling to deliver tubing with an interior finish that meets specifications for each customer’s needs.

For over 40 years, Stam has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing premier custom tubing solutions. Staffed with engineering and manufacturing experts, Stam is able to meet the needs of our customers for increased food safety. Our unparalleled customer service, coupled with unmistakable quality, means customers get the right product for their needs every time, keeping consumers safe.

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