New Industrial Opportunities Created by Solar Energy Growth

For a number of years now, demand for alternative, renewable sources of power has been steadily growing. Wind energy adoption has been in the news quite a bit lately, with more wind farms popping up across the United States. But solar power has been steadily picking up traction as well, with the primary advantage being that it can be implemented on a smaller scale, in addition to large solar fields. This means that there are more opportunities for smaller land owners – and even individual homeowners – to harvest solar energy.

Small-scale solar operations have been popping up more and more in a wide range of places. Farmers are now setting aside acreage for solar panels to help offset the energy costs associated with running a farm. Many commercial and private spaces are also installing solar canopies on rooftops to make the most use of an otherwise underutilized space. This means that even in urban areas without land area available for solar farming, people can still install solar panels and begin to harvest that energy. This is a distinct advantage over wind energy, which requires adequate space for large turbines.

The adaptability of solar harvesting has allowed its popularity to skyrocket, doubling solar installations in the United States over the last year to become the top source of alternative power in the nation in 2016.

For industrial companies, this represents new sources of demand for various products and services. At Stam, Inc. we’re seeing more inquiries for structural tubes that need to be bent and shaped to link together for use on solar farms. Structural tubes for solar power are just one example of a product seeing heightened demand thanks to the growing popularity of this energy source. And with smaller solar farms now coming into play, there are even more opportunities for service providers and distributers at all capacity levels.

As we continue to see shifts within the alternative energy sector, we look forward to helping utilities and other companies find the right tubing solutions for their needs. For more information, feel free to contact Stam, Inc. by calling 440.974.2500, or fill out an online form and we’ll get back to you.

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