Precision Tube Bending

As the name implies, precision tube bending is a process that requires specialized applications to ensure that the parts fit together. This type of tube bending is ideal for a variety of industries, including military applications, automotive applications, and more. We have in-house tube bending capabilities that allow us to create fixtures, tools, and gauges that ensures a part will be able to fit and perform. We know customers expect the flanges with holes and ends to fit together precisely so that the part may be assembled and have developed these tools to successfully meet their requirements.

At Stam one of the tools we employ is Photogrametic Technology which collects data from samples and production runs that can help us develop predictive models. This technology allows us to gain insight in to tolerances for different materials and help us to reverse engineer a sample part.

In addition to this technology we have recently purchased a new CNC machine with a 9 Ton tube boost capability which gives us more options for materials and reduced clamping lengths all with of increasing precision that allows us to take on projects with increased difficulty. To learn more about our precision tube bending services, visit our website. We also post more company updates and industry news to our Twitter and LinkedIn.

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