Four New Mega Food Industry Trends

At STAM Inc., we understand innovation and creativity more than most. It’s something we share with our clients in the food industry where we provide custom tube bending solutions for food production, and sanitary tubing that carries consumer products.

When it comes to innovation, the food industry never stands still, and it is likely new trends will require custom solutions from our engineers and design teams.

Let’s look ahead at some of the hottest new trends expected to take over the food industry in the coming months.


Meat reduction

A desire for healthier living and to be more sustainable is driving a trend towards reducing meat in the diet. This is a trend set to grow further this year after 2017 witnessed a surge in the people who consumed reduced levels of animal products.

Mintel’s new product database shows that vegan and vegetarian product launches are strong in the US and in major European markets.



Obesity continues to be a public health crisis in the United States and in countries across the developed world.

Analysis of data from 188 countries, shows 2.1 billion people are currently overweight or obese.
Over the past 30 years not a single nation has achieved significant success in reducing obesity levels. The food industry is likely to take steps towards improving this situation, with many governments around the world and in Europe in particular already starting to introduce a Sugar Tax.


Can food be medicine?

Will food innovation be driven by big picture issues in society and the food industry?

Many seem to think so and food producers will also have to adapt to the growing challenge of feeding a growing and aging population.

With the world’s population predicted to rise to just under 10bn by the middle of this century and increasing rates of obesity type-2 diabetes, there is a growing awareness of the connections between health and diet.

The food industry will respond by producing food products that keep people healthier for longer.


Transformative tech

In our digital world consumers want transparency and expect to have information on how and where ingredients are sourced from, plus details on manufacturing processes.

Today people want to know what is in their food products, where it came from and how it was made.

They want to know what is in there food, where it comes from, who made it and how it was produced.

It is expected that tech can also deliver greater personalization in the food sector and technology will also play a key role in making food production sustainable.


About STAM’s Custom Tube Bending Services for the Food Industry

Food production units must to be easy to clean and tubing has to be free of any voids or scratches on the inside where microbes could survive despite the cleaning process.

STAM specializes in creating custom tube bending to fit custom needs of food production companies.

Special tooling and techniques are employed to deliver tubing that has an interior surface finish that meets the customer’s specification and health and safety requirements.

For more information on custom tube bending services for the food sector, get in touch with our experienced team.

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