Stam’s Inspection Process

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At Stam, ensuring quality is incredibly important to us, which is why we have implemented a unique inspection process. Traditionally, CMM’s were used to locate and project the centerlines of the straight sections of the tube and then calculate the imaginary intersection points of the centerlines. However, this method is not always reliable, which is why in 2007 we became one of the first tube bending shops to implement the Photogrammetric inspection process.

The Photogrammetric inspection examines the entire profile of the tube, including the bends. Software allows us to not only “fit” the straight sections to the bends be can even allow for distortions in the straight sections between bends to determines the true profile of the tube.

This machine has helped our machine operators improve their work and boost our overall quality. Machine operators no longer have to take their tubes over to an inspector, but can do the inspection on their own. This allows the operator to see mistakes and improve their process and become more educated about what makes a quality tube to improve their own work. This has boosted our quality tremendously to where we are now at almost a zero defect because in essence all of our operators have become quality inspectors.

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