Tube Bending for Personal Care Industries

When it comes to tube bending for personal care products, such as shampoos and toothpastes, we understand the importance of quality. Stam is ISO certified ISO9001:2008 and we follow the rigorous procedures to ensure the high quality of our service. This is especially important in the personal care industry as all plumbing must be clean and polished on the inside as any scratch or dent is a place bacteria can hide, which could contaminate the product.

Often, when a bottle filling station is fabricated it is done by welders who weld elbows and straight lengths together. This process can be extremely expensive as welders must also ensure that there are no spaces or voids in the welding for microbes to hide. At Stam, we have special tooling and techniques that allow us to reduce the number of welds, which in turn helps reduce the number of places microbe can hide as well as the cost.

Our tubes for the personal care industries will be free of any voids or scratches and will have an interior surface finish that meets our customer’s specification and satisfaction. To find out more about our tube bending services and to see how we can help you, visit our site.

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