What Are The Different Types Of Custom Tube Bending?

STAM Inc., are leaders in custom tube bending and we provide our services to key industries in the United States.

Whatever industry you work in, it’s likely that some part of the business utilizes fabricated custom pipes.

Whether it’s in the manufacturing process, the end product or within the HVAC systems within the commercial buildings you work in, custom tubes and pipes are more important than they may seem!

Custom tube bending is actually a rich science with multiple approaches to achieve end results. Which method is best for a certain result can depend on multiple factors including the material being used, the role of the finished product and the budget and resources available.

Here we look at the different kinds of custom tube bending techniques commonly used.

Rotary Draw Bending

Rotary draw bending is an accurate type of custom tube bending that uses a rotary draw machine to deliver custom jobs, and can bend tubes and pipes for handles, rails and roll cages.

The machine bends the metal through a number of die sets that maintain a consistent center line radius.

CNC Tube Bending machines can be used to add a new level of speed and precision to Rotary Draw Bending, and CNC equipment can be used to automatically manipulate tubes to accurately position multiple bends relative to each other.


Precision Tube Bending

Certain applications require precision tube bending. This can create accurate threaded brackets and ends to ensure that tubes mate together precisely. The ends of the tube must be free of distortion and STAM offers precision tube bending to create fixtures, tools and gauges that produce tubes that fit and perform as required.

Roll Bending

Roll bending, as the name suggests, uses a machine with 3 rollers, known as a jig.  Custom roll bending can be used to bend both sheet metal and metal bars.

Roll bending works by placing the tube into the jig and then manually lowering and pressing the middle roller onto the tube, shaping it into the desired custom shape.

This form of custom bending is good for some circular designs.

Press Bending

The simplest and most common form of custom tube bending is press bending.

This is not the most precise form of custom tube bending, however. The process involves pressing a “bend die” against the tube or pipe to create the desired shape.

About STAM’s Custom Tube Bending

STAM is experienced in various forms of custom tube bending and offers a huge range of materials in house to suit your project.

Our tube bending techniques, engineers and equipment ensure that your projects are completed to the highest possible standards, every time.

For more help and advice with your custom tube bending projects, get in touch with our experienced team.

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