Keeping Pace with HVAC Innovation

Air Conditioning Piping

As a producer of tubes and pipes for the commercial HVAC industry, we are constantly working with routing chilled water or compressible gases through tubing or pipe in large facilities.  Here are a few of the innovations we have been seeing develop over the last few years.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

It might seem this idea is a throwback to olden days. However, this the system freezes water in a tank which is then used to cool the building the following day. Not an all day solution, the system can cool a home comfortably for 5 to 6 hours. ALthough the run time is not long, it can operat at only 5% of the cost of running the full HVAC system.

Ice-powered air conditioning units can be seamlessly designed to work with a building’s cooling system, through existing ducts or ductless mini-split units. The cooling units use a combination of circuits to control and monitor and supply and return air temp and other cooling factors.

Movement Activated Air Conditioning

Back in 2015, MIT Engineers were developing new air conditioning design using sensors and aluminum rods hung from the ceiling. Human moving around a space will activate these sensors to alert the air condition to activate. It means that the air conditioner only kicks on when people are moving through the room.

A motion-activated system seems so simple, it’s interesting it hasn’t been developed before. The prototypes for this system have developed over the years to make them portable and compact . These motion activated systems will help to reduce energy and utility costs.

Connect HVAC Controls

Many HVAC systems now include software-enabled modules to collecting and compiling data. With this data, the system is abel to determine usage trends, system status, and system performance. The ability to collect data about the system allow for preventive maintenance. It can also help to identify the source of malfunctions that might need to b repaired. Some software-enabled HVAC systems includ the ability to self-diagnose issues and alert support teams. This allows techicians to quickly address monitored issues to repair and minimize downtime.

Partner with an Experienced Team

STAM has been working with HVAC companies for years to help support complex piping and system needs. Find out more about our HVAC tube and pipe capapilities or contact our team with any questions.

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