Certified to ISO9001:2015
Precision tube bending for a variety of industries with nearly limitless material, size, and angle options.


Oil and Gas

Precision Bending Technology bends piping so the pipe is one continuous unit with weld joints only at the ends, reducing cost and installation time while improving product integrity.


Industrial, Stationary & Construction

PBT cleans all Tier 4 tubes to the new requirements and packages them in a heat sealed bag to ensure a perfectly clean tube is delivered to the customer.


Sanitary & Food Equipment

Clean, smooth, and nearly flawless tubes. Stam's tooling and techniques ensure an interior surface finish that prevents microbes.


Commercial HVAC

Designs can be application specific, free from the constraint of designing around standard 90, or 45 degree elbows.


Military Tubing Applications

Heat exchangers, ductwork, dipstick tubes, air intakes, differential coolers and Radar Support structures.

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